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Mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floor is a steel or concrete platform that is raised from the normal floor level but isn't as high as the ceiling. It is an intermediate floor between the two main consecutive floors of a building and is low-ceilinged. It extends in the form of a balcony and is available in enticing contemporary designs today made by various manufacturers. They are a stupendous way of creating extra space in areas where there is paucity of space and the requirement exceeds the availability.

Mezzanine floor can be constructed of structural steel, stainless steel or cold-rolled steel. The material rule is the deciding factor for the cost. Floors constructed using structural steel are very heavy but are cheap in pricing. It has the maximum column spacing. Cold rolled steel helps in building lightweight structures that are winsome to the eye. They are pleasant in appearance and are best suited for public buildings. Though, they are light but still can bear colossal amount of weight. Stainless steel has least amount of column spacing but is the costliest amongst the three. It's ideal for places where large amount of space generation is required.

In industries, warehouses or shops where there is humungous requirement of space for storage and carrying out various processes, they provide the best solution for effective utilization of space. No additional cumbersome construction of bricks is required which drains you of your time and energy. These Mezzanine floors are made with nuts and bolts hence no cement work, no welding work is required. They are very stable and have strong structural integrity. The buyer can get them custom-made according to his wish. The design and size can be manipulated according to the client's site where it is to be installed. Staircase or raised walkways can be added wherever the requirement is felt.

It is generally constructed from fiberglass, steel and aluminum. It is supported by upright rigid frames that aren't really an obstacle but instead provide you more room for storage. Pillars are strategically placed to ensure unhindered movement below the mezzanine. They are flexible as they can be easily moved. Since these Mezzanine floors are made with nuts and bolts, it can be shifted easily at new places. Relocating them won't be a predicament either. They can be lucidly expanded or dismantled completely. They are scrupulously designed to meet the load requirements of a particular workshop. Worried about the safety and security? Don't stress yourself because these mezzanine floors are strong and durable to accommodate many people at once. They can bear the load of 500 kilogram per square meter to 2500 kilogram reducing the overall storage cost per square meter. When in this world the space is very costly and difficult to buy new space, you can increase the area by adding mezzanine floors. Whether it is an observation deck or a vision tower to keep an eye, they solve all your problems arising due to lack of space. For storage, production or retail, create an extra floor to carry on with the work, create an office to keep a check on the workers within your factory itself or just increase the arena for storage of goods. They allow seamless expansion of space. They are especially beneficial in the retail sector as they allow greater segregation of space which helps in organizing the goods in a better way resulting in a delightful shopping experience for the customers. Allow your warehouse to grow with you without unnecessary expenditure of relocating the unit and where no additional security is required. For office also, it provides a lucrative alternative to the extravagant office infrastructures. Even in warehouses, you can now boast of more efficacious and efficient management and surveillance.

Mezzanine floor is a cost effective way to improve productivity by extracting out the maximum from a limited space. We create space within your existing space. Also, you won't have to fret or fume about the additional air conditioner installment. It helps you save on your electricity bill which otherwise would have been soaring high in case you opted to buy another plot or extend the initial workspace by buying the adjacent land. It doesn't even require any maintenance and .you can utilize your godown/ware house by two hundred percent, by creating mezzanine floor i.e. using vertical space in your hall / godown etc. It provides low cost development options and saves money by avoiding futile expenditure of money on lights, heating system or rent. It can be fitted in very less time without disturbing the existing working condition.

There is prodigious competition in the market today. Mezzanine floor manufacturers in India are providing excellent quality products that juxtapose with the international standards. Materials used for building are corrosion resistant ensuring greater durability. Steel Mahalaxmi Steel Industries, Rolex India Engineering Company, Surya Manufacturing India Ltd., etc are few names amongst a large list of names of mezzanine floor manufacturers in India that supply and construct superior quality product. Their layout is elegant and more adjustable keeping in mind the problem of shortage of space in India. They provide quality engineered products and the designs are meticulously crafted in order to give an illusion of more breathing space and also to avoid giving the area a tacky and congested look. They offer different and outlandish varieties to suit every client's penchant like designer, modular, metal, polished metal, etc. Mezzanine floor manufacturers in India are now aiming at expanding their business overseas after having a inexhaustible list of gratified customers in India.

It's imperative to consider a few factors while purchasing this kind of flooring. Will hefty machines be kept on it? Will cleaning be required frequently? What kind of load it'll have to bear? Is floor needed to be permissible for water and light? A little research can give you a clear idea of what kind of mezzanine would be ideal for you according to your need and budget. So, make a sapient choice to increase the capacity of the storage area or to make your property look more spacious.